PhD Opportunities (Fall 2017)

We are currently accepting inquiries from potential PhD students to start work in our lab in the Fall of 2017. We are seeking highly motivated students with interests (and some prior experience) in human decision making and learning*. To be considered for one of our paid PhD studentships you will need to get in touch early (well in advance of the January deadline) with a detailed description of your research interests along with a CV highlighting your current achievements and expertise. We will also consider offering part-time PhD studentship in collaboration with industrial partners wishing to train employees in our lab. All inquiries should be sent to Dr. Philiastides.

*An ultra-high field MR scanner (7T) is currently being installed in our Institute, which is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2016. As such we will be offering a rare opportunity to work on high-resolution fMRI experiments imaging the role of sub-cortical structures in decision making.

General Enquires

We are always on the lookout for highly-motivated students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and post-doctoral associates to join our research team. For more information on current projects and on how to get involved email Dr. Philiastides with a detailed CV and a short description of your interests and expertise (note that we are also interested to hear from individuals with a background in the formal and/or applied sciences - e.g., computer science, mathematics, engineering - as we continue to develop more sophisticated tools for algorithmic decoding and classification of neural data).

The excellent research infrastructure at the university and our dedicated neuroimaging facilities together with the opportunity to interact and collaborate with colleagues with a diverse set of research interests within our Institute and across the university (e.g., Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Medicine, etc) provide a highly stimulating and productive research environment.

Finally, note that we also regularly offer fully funded opportunities for postdoctoral associates and postgraduate students directly through our lab. These positions will be posted here as they become available.