Lab News

29 May 2016: New Publication

Our lab develops a new algorithm for single-trial decoding of electrophysiological signals (M/EEG) in humans. The work by Delis et al. was publised in Neuroimage: "Space-by-time decomposition for single-trial decoding of M/EEG activity". [Paper]

07 Sep 2015: New Publication

Our latest simultaneous EEG/fMRI paper on reward-based learning in the human brain has been published in Nature Communications. [Paper] [Press Release]

17 Nov 2014: New Publication

A new paper by Gherman and Philiastides accepted for publication in Neuroimage: "Neural representations of confidence emerge from the process of decision formation during perceptual choices". [Paper]

04 Nov 2014: New Publication

A new paper by Philiastides et al. accepted for publication in the Journal of Neuroscience: "Human scalp potentials reflect a mixture of decision-related signals during perceptual choices". [Paper]

01 Sep 2014: New Reseacrh Grant

Our lab has secured a significant 3-year funding award from the ESRC to probe the neural correlates of human decision making and explore their utility in building brain computer interfaces (BCI) for human-machine interaction.