Léon Franzen, M.Sc.
Postgraduate Student
Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology
Ph.D. Univ of Glasgow Neuroscience/Psychology
M.Sc. Univ of Glasgow Neuroscience/Psychology 2015
B.A. Univ of Zappelin Economics/Psychology 2014

Research Interests: My research interests revolve around the field of Cognitive Neuroscience with focus on decision-making. My current work within the field focuses on the use of brain imaging methods (EEG/fMRI) for investigating the temporal and spatial correlates of adult dyslexics’ legal lexical decision-making related to every day purchase situations. Throughout my undergraduate studies I have focused on the decision-making of adults with dyslexia in the context of grocery shopping, before acquiring deeper knowledge about the specific temporal basis of this group’s visual legal lexical decision-making related to different font styles during my master studies.

Contact Information:
Office: 519 INP
Tel: 0141 330 8493
Email: l.franzen.1@research.gla.ac.uk