Elsa Fouragnan, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology
Ph.D. Trento University Cognitive Sciences 2013
M.Sc. Bordeaux Univ II Engineering 2008
B.Sc. Bordeaux Univ II Cognitive Sciences 2005

Research Interests: My research focus is in the emerging field of Neuroeconomics drawing from behavioral economics, game theory, cognitive sciences and neuroimaging. During my PhD, I used fMRI to investigate how the human brain encodes social learning signals: regret/fictive learning as well as reputational priors during trust-based financial interactions. My current work involves multimodal functional neuroimaging techniques (EEG/fMRI) to identify the spatiotemporal characteristics of 1) prediction error processing and 2) preference-based (also named value-based) decision making.

Contact Information:
Office: 520 INP
Tel: 0141 330 4663
Email: elsa.fouragnan@glasgow.ac.uk